Direct synthesis of novel antivirals

    Endotherm and PharmaInformatic announce their cooperation in developing and optimising drugs against infectious diseases

    12. December 2006 (Saarbruecken/Emden, Germany) - Endotherm and PharmaInformatic today announced a collaboration to develop and optimise novel antiviral agents.

    PharmaInformatic, a company specialising in cheminformatics, will use it’s expert systems to predict antiviral and pharmacokinetic properties of novel compounds based on computer calculations. Promising drug candidates will be identified and directly synthesised by Endotherm.

    The average cost of developing a new medicine is about 900 million US dollars and the whole process can take more than 12 years. A large part of research costs are spent on compounds that never make it to market because of insufficient ADME/Tox-properties. ADME/Tox stands for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity.

    The ADME/Tox-properties are determined years after synthesis of an agent in clinical trials. The prediction of compound properties allows selection of those compounds with the best ADME/Tox-properties to become useful drugs, whereby efficiency of drug research is considerably increased early in the drug development process.

    Endotherm GmbH
    The company was founded in 1999 and provides exclusive synthesis of medicinally relevant compounds for the discovery and development of small molecule drugs. Endotherm’s customers include many of the world leading pharmaceutical companies, like Altana, Aventis, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Solvay, Schwarz Bioscience, Schering and Takeda.
    Further information:

    The company develops expert systems to optimise drug discovery and development. PharmaInformatic´s platform technology contains millions of substances together with experimental data and thousands of 3D-models of biomolecules. Proprietary methods based on cheminformatics and bioinformatics allow the prediction of pharmaceutical activity and pharmacological properties of a substance. Further information:

    Dr. Lars Kattner, +49 (0)681-3946-7570

    Dr. Wolfgang Boomgaarden, +49 (0)4921-993360


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