Databases and Knowledge Bases

    PharmaInformatic develops ADME/Tox knowledge bases to optimise and accelerate drug discovery and development:

    Preclinical And Clinical Trials Knowledge Base on Bioavailability (PACT-F):

    • contains experimental bioavailability results of human clinical trials and preclinical trials in different animals
    • largest knowledge base on bioavailability worldwide (8296 records)
    • trials are extensively annotated: up to 17 fields describe in detail the results and conditions of a trial
    • structure-based knowledge base: every record contains the chemical structure

    The knowledge base has been used

    PACT-F is the fundamental knowledge base to analyse the factors and conditions which influence bioavailability. It provides scientists with the results and knowledge of 100 years of bioavailability research in order to improve future drug design and drug development.


    Recent Collaborations:

    PharmaInformatic and BRIDGE BIORESEARCH sign cooperation agreement: Bioavailability prediction of drug candidates for treatment of Type 2 diabetes (more).

    PharmaInformatic and UNIZYME LABORATORIES sign cooperation agreement: Selection and prioritisation of lead compounds for treatment of inflammatory diseases based on estimated oral bioavailability in humans with IMPACT-F (more).

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An expert system
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oral bioavailability
of novel
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Can IMPACT-F predict human oral bioavailability of entirely new molecules?
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