PharmaInformatic´s Scientific Network

    We have a strong background  in ChemInformatics and BioInformatics, together with expertise in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Rational Drug Design
Chemical Databases
Novel Descriptors
Molecular Modeling
Rule Based Docking
Chemical Similarity
Pharmacology & ADMET

3D Protein Structures
Sequence Analysis
Disease & Target-Databases
Protein Function & Interaction
Pharmacogenomics & SNPs
Enzymes & Metabolism

Data Preparation
Data Integration
Relational Databases
Object-Orientated Databases
Database Management

Prediction & Optimisation
Neural Networks
Decision Trees
Bayesian Learning
Data Mining & Text Mining

The largest  knowledge base
on bioavailability worldwide.

An expert system
to predict oral bioavailability
 in humans.

An expert system for finding
drug candidates.


 An expert system for finding molecules with antibiotic activity.

 An expert system for finding molecules with antiviral activity.

    Founder and CEO of PharmaInformatic is Dr W. Boomgaarden. He has developed virtual screening and drug design software products which have been successfully used in the pharmaceutical world. Before he founded the company, he worked as a professor in bioInformatics in Emden, Germany.

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efficiency of drugs
advanced clinical trials: